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Koch-funded front groups don’t want you knowing who they are

Wendy McCuskey’s op-ed in this past Sunday’s The Charleston Gazette illustrates an important problem in West Virginia, but not the one identified in her piece.

Democrats demonstrate they just don’t get job creation

The West Virginia legislative session in Charleston is now over — the first session in more than 80 years with a Republican majority in both houses.

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Historic Washington home has a ‘Happy’ future

The Washington influence in this area goes back to the days of George Washington as a surveyor.

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W.Va. lawmakers are after a cure for what doesn’t ail us

Perhaps the best measure of the nitwittedness of West Virginia legislators is that, at a time when the evils supposedly caused by the federal debt and deficits are utterly absent — economic stagnation, skyrocketing inflation, soaring interest rates and — horror of horrors — “debasement of the currency,” (I won’t even discuss national bankruptcy, which is literally impossible) the Legislature is passing a resolution to convene a constitutional convention for the purpose of requiring a balanced federal budget.

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On impact fees, heed Isaac Newton — every action has a reaction

Impact fees are aptly named.

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Changes in the county and Legislature

Previously I’ve written about the Jefferson County Emergency Services and the ambulance fee/tax based on conversations with Ramona Wesling, a concerned citizen that has been attending the monthly meetings.

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The case for ambulance fee as ‘revenue generator’

The ambulance fee/tax is an issue that appears to gather more complexity as time goes on.

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‘Waiter, there’s too much tax in my beverage’

On most of the roads that enter our state there can be seen a sign saying “West Virginia – Open for Business.”

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Expect no straight dope from anti-straight ticket bill

The West Virginia Senate voted last week 25-8 to eliminate straight-ticket voting in a move for which it engaged in considerable back-patting given, Republican leaders proclaimed, that they owed their most recent electoral victory to straight-ticket voting.

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Common Core is ‘education without representation’

I’ve written about Common Core before.

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