Jala Yoga, Mellow Moods expanding to Charles Town

CHARLES TOWN — After feeding the mind, body and soul of residents in Shepherdstown for five years, Jala Yoga will soon be offering its stress-relief services to Charles Town.

Jala Yoga owner Christa Mastrangelo is set to open a second location of her business on May 10 at 307 W. Washington St. in downtown Charles Town. As in Shepherdstown, her business will share space with the Mellow Moods Juice Bar and Cafe that her brother Phil Mastrangelo founded in 2007.

Christa Mastrangelo is adding a second location to her popular Shepherdstown yoga studio. Jala Yoga opens next month in the former Beasley’s bookstore on West Washington Street. Part of the building will be devoted to a second location of her brother’s popular cafe, Mellow Moods.

Christa Mastrangelo is adding a second location to her popular Shepherdstown yoga studio. Jala Yoga opens next month in the former Beasley’s bookstore on West Washington Street. Part of the building will be devoted to a second location of her brother’s popular cafe, Mellow Moods.

“This way people won’t have to drive all over the place,” she said. “The yoga studio will be in the back, and Mellow Moods will be in the front.”

Sharing space in Charles Town and at 119 W. German St. Shepherdstown is a perfect fit for the siblings, who grew up in Clear Spring, Md., Christa Mastrangelo said. “We’re very close and this is really important to us. We’re really excited.”

She said she had been looking to open a second location in Charles Town for more than a year. She sees the former Beasley’s bookstore as the right spot for her current and future clients.

Phil Mastrangelo believes his cafe will fill an important need in Charles Town. “We’re excited to be offering something different,” he said. “What we’ll be doing is very different in the way of food options.”

Mellow Moods offers a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items with fresh juices, smoothies, fresh lemonade, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soups, salads, sandwiches and muffins and other dessert items.

Fans of the restaurant like Mellow Moods’ eclectic menu, with organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, farm-fresh and exotic offerings. There’s also a kids’ menu.

Some favorites include drinks such as the Skinny Monkey with banana, honey and soy milk, the Mango Zinger with mango, orange juice, honey and ginger, and the Garden Elixir featuring carrot, celery, tomato, cucumber, garlic, basil and, if the customer prefers, hot sauce.

Other drinks include ingredients such as wheatgrass, beets, cucumber, agave, kale, pineapple, spirulina, coconut milk, raspberries, yogurt and more.

Mellow Moods’ fresh-pressed soda flavors include vanilla Thai coconut, grapefruit-raspberry, orange-basil and lemon-lime mint.

Other offerings include breakfast bagels, egg sandwiches on sunflower seed bread, quinoa salad (mixed greens, quinoa and garden veggies with balsamic pesto), house-made granola with milk and fruit, a hot maple quinoa with apples and walnuts, black rice porridge with coconut milk, pineapple, mango and honey.

For lunch or dinner, there’s the Powerhouse (sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion, muenster and honey mustard), an avocado cheese melt and other cold and hot sandwiches, plus a southwestern black bean burger, grilled portabella mushrooms, soba noodle salad, fish tacos with mahi mahi, cabbage, tomatoes, corn salsa and guacamole, and more.

Coffee aficionados in downtown Charles Town were sent scrambling when the Jumpin’ Java coffee shop down Washington Street abruptly shut its doors late last year, and many in town say they’re excited both for Mellow Moods’ selection of coffee drinks as well as other fare.

In Shepherdstown, Mellow Moods operates from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week and has 13 employees. A few will do double duty at the new cafe, Phil Mastrangelo said. “A couple of my mainstays will probably be working at both,” he said. “We’ve also already started the hiring process and training [for Charles Town].”

In Shepherdstown, Jala Yoga offers 28 yoga classes and employs 14 teachers. The classes offer a physical workout in addition to mental relaxation. “It’s very organic,” Christa Mastrangelo said.

At the Charles Town location, Mastrangelo said she will start with 20 classes and 10 teachers. Classes will be offered during the day and evenings, seven days a week. For a limited time, Jala is offering a special deal for new students. The $20 monthly pass offers a student an unlimited number of classes.

For more information on the Mellow Moods Juice Bar and Cafe, go to mellowmoodsjuicebar.com., and for Jala Yoga, visit jalayogaflow.com.


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