Charles Town manager hire weeks away

CHARLES TOWN — Charles Town officials say they are moving forward with projects, despite not having a new city manager.

Charles Town Council member Ann Paonessa said leaders expect to complete the West Virginia Home Rule Board application by June 1, the same day they hope to have a new city manager in place.

Home rule would allow Charles Town greater ability to create local laws without the approval of the Legislature. Charles Town and Ranson have created a task force to complete separate applications after the Home Rule Board denied a request to submit a joint application.

City Manager Joe Cosentini resigned last month to accept a job in Tennessee.

The council also is moving forward on the Charles Town-Ranson corridor. The International City Managers Association is identifying areas of collaboration and shared services between the two cities.

The council stopped accepting applications for the city manager’s position on March 28. Thirty-five applications were received. The city’s personnel committee and Mayor Peggy Smith will review and rank the applications.

“We have some really good applicants,” Paonessa said.

The new city manager will be Charles Town’s fourth in 10 years.


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