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Rebecca Grace Jones made herself a news addict last month – using The Washington Post’s front-page photo and accompanying text to prompt her to create a new work of art.

Shepherdstown artist Rebecca Grace Jones is at the center of the new exhibition inspired by the front pages of The Washington Post during December. Her works are now on display at Charles Town’s AHA Fire Hall Gallery at 108 N. George St. On Sunday, she welcomed fans and guests at an opening reception.

Shepherdstown artist Rebecca Grace Jones is at the center of the new
exhibition inspired by the front pages of The Washington Post during December. Her works are now on display at Charles Town’s AHA Fire Hall Gallery at 108 N. George St. On Sunday, she welcomed fans and
guests at an opening reception.

The resulting 31 pieces of art now can be seen in Jones’ show, “Artplay at 60 – Using the Daily News as Inspiration.” It made its debut Sunday at the AHA Fire Hall Gallery at 108 N. George St. in Charles Town and will continue through Jan. 29.

Jones, who marks her 60th birthday this month, explains she has two basic needs as an artist: The challenge of creating work and having someone she can show the work to.

“I’ve not evolved much from the child who would bound out of bed in the morning eager to see what I could scribble together with my crayons and then run to show it to my mother,” she said.

A native of Hagerstown, Md., Jones studied graphic design and illustration at Towson University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in 1976. As an illustrator, she created works for clients including the National Geographic Society, Time/Life Books and the National Park Service.

Later, Jones returned to Towson for a master’s in fine arts and then taught in the school’s graphic arts department. She’s lived in Shepherdstown more than six years and takes part in the annual Over the Mountain Studio Tour and sells mixed-media pieces, framed weavings and other works in galleries locally and throughout the nation.

Jones’ latest exhibition has its roots in a project she tackled in 2012 – “Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life.” She completed all 365 assignments in the Noah Scalin book and said she now is hooked on “the daily practice of creating.”

For “Artplay at 60,” she gave herself the daily assignment of using a cover photo and story from the Post for inspiration.

“I find something to draw or collage and write about, either as a synopsis of the story or a poem in haiku form,” she said.

Jones posted each day’s work on her blog and on Facebook and found the feedback gave her a boost.

In a text display that’s part of the show, Jones says she’s hopeful that by sharing her works and detailing how she created them, she may help others get inspired.

“I would like to think, by putting up this display and explaining my process, those of you who would love to be more creative but are hesitant because of a lack of confidence, the fear of not doing it ‘right,’ the resistance to make time for yourself or whatever, that you might do your best to overcome your obstacles and give yourself a chance,” she writes. “Just play!”

“Artplay at 60,” sponsored by the Arts & Humanities Alliance of Jefferson County, will remain on display through Jan. 29 during the gallery’s regular hours from noon to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Admission is free.

To learn more, call the gallery at 304-724-2090. For more on the artist, go to her website at rebeccagracejones.com.

Want to go?
What: “Artplay at 60 – Using the Daily News as Inspiration” art exhibit
Who: Shepherdstown artist Rebecca Grace Jones
Where: AHA Fire Hall Gallery at 108 N. George St. in Charles Town
When: Through Jan. 29 during the gallery’s regular hours from noon to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.
How much: Admission is free To know more: Call the gallery at 304-724-2090.


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