9-year-old’s first haircut brings 21-inch donation for Locks of Love

Photos by Claire Ford

Ethan May waited nine years for his first haircut ever, and when he left the Hair Cuttery in Charles Town earlier this month after sitting in the stylist’s chair for the first time, he had plenty to show for the trip. The Blue Ridge Elementary student was able to make a donation of an astounding 21 inches of hair to Locks of Love, the Florida-based nonprofit that provides hairpieces for in-need youngsters. Ethan had been mulling a haircut since 2012 when his younger brother Bradley made a similar donation to the group. Deb May, the boys’ mother, said Ethan’s already gotten a lot of positive feedback on his new look. “He really loves how he looks with his hair short,” she said. “And he’s happy that he could make such a big donation to Locks of Love. It’s a good feeling to know the donation will help a child who’s been sick and needs a wig.” The family lives in Shannondale.





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