EDITOR’S NOTE: What isn’t in the Spirit?

CHARLES TOWN – “Mrs. Ward Chapman of Catonsville, Md., was a Sunday visitor at the home of her sister, Mrs. L.V. Stuckey Jr.”

That report – made from Kearneysville in the Sept. 30, 1942, edition of the Spirit – and thousands of similar items were a mainstay of this paper for more than a century, but it occurred to us that while readers tell us how much they appreciate the newsier, livelier Spirit that’s evolved in the last few years, perhaps some readers would point to elements of the “old” Spirit that they wish still were around.

Do readers today miss the over-the-fence gossip of “Mrs. Ward Chapman visits her sister”? Is there a place in the Spirit’s mix for the lowdown on where community members traveled for weekend trips and vacations; the guest list and menu items for dinners and afternoon lemonade gatherings; details of birthday parties and other reports from communities in our county?

It’s possible that we could restore the community columnists sections or perhaps readers could email us their own reports. Because of readers’ requests, the Spirit has added and restored a number of features to its pages, including back property transfers, thanks to sponsorship from Blackwell Properties, as well as health inspections at county eateries.

One way of presenting columnists might be to feature these items on our website and then reserve the space in our print edition for “real” news – how the county commission’s decisions will affect citizens, for instance, and what lawmakers in Charleston are up to, local business comings and goings, the latest happenings at our schools and other important information that you depend on the Spirit to provide.

We always appreciate having readers speak up about their needs and desires for this paper. The Spirit has been a part of this community since 1844 and we believe it doesn’t just belong to those of us who work here; it’s all of ours. We hope you’ll take time to weigh in.

Thanks to a last-minute catch, our story about the Jefferson High football team’s loss at Musselman that ran in our sports section last week appeared with the correct dateline – the game took place in Bunker Hill, not in Inwood. It’s odd: Students go to Musselman High in Inwood, but the school’s football team plays in Bunker Hill.

For decades, the high school was located in Bunker Hill, too, and the school’s football team played on the field adjacent to the school. But 15 years ago, when a new Musselman High opened just north on U.S. 11 in the neighboring village of Inwood, Waldeck Field remained home to the school’s football program.

“Inwood” versus “Bunker Hill” may seem like a small distinction, but it matters to us to get everything right in every edition. If you see an error that warrants correction, please e-mail me (editor@spiritofjefferson.com) or call 304-725-2046, ext. 22.

– Robert Snyder

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