Readers’ feedback delivers good news

We heard from a number of Spirit readers in response to our recent column on how the U.S. Postal Service’s shift of distribution tasks from Martinsburg to Baltimore was affecting which day the latest edition of the paper arrived in subscribers’ mailboxes.

And woo-hoo, much of the news is good!

After weeks of readers telling us that they were getting the Spirit days later than usual, last week brought a welcome turnaround. Most readers who got in touch reported they’d received their editions on Thursday, just as they had before the USPS change.

All along, postal officials had been reassuring us that this would occur. In Winchester, Va., Frederick, Md., and other local communities where the distribution duties recently had shifted to Baltimore, the process was slower – but only initially. We’d been hopeful that the hiccups that were disrupting our delivery of the Spirit would wane as weeks passed and the new process became the norm here.

Some readers do continue to get their papers later than they should and we hope they’ll be in touch soon with a similar happy report. If not, we will take a look at adjusting our content whenever possible so that readers can benefit from preview stories about entertainment offerings and other events. We don’t want anyone to get “old” news.

Let me also add how pleased we were to get feedback on this issue from so many of our readers. It’s tremendously helpful, always, to know about any problems our readers are encountering as well as what stories, photos and elements bring particular enjoyment, what they’d like to see less of in our pages, and so on.

We take enormous care every workday to put together a lively, thoroughly thoughtful newspaper that delights our readers. When it doesn’t arrive – or doesn’t delight – we hope you’ll let us know.

– Robert Snyder


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