New ordinance the Rx for what ails

The protracted battle last year over the construction of a CVS drug store in Charles Town is turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving for Charles Town Council candidates intent on punishing those who opposed the project.

The effort is a decidely moot one: the store was built, it is open, a Quixotic effort to stop it failed and the store looks a darn sight better than the dilapidated buildings that once stood on the site.

Lost in the sauce however, is the fact that shortly after the CVS project was approved, the City Council OK’d an ordinance that would have enabled it to force the company to build the store more in line with the design specifications Councilman Rich Bringewatt and others were calling for.

Indeed, the result would have been a building much more compatible with the streetscape.

Charles Town leaders know its better to preserve the integrity of the downtown, not watch it get chopped up into something that more resembles a suburban commercial lot, a deeply recessed building surrounding by parking, designed more for cars than pedestrians. Its such an urban core Ranson leaders are working mightily to reconstruct and was a reason they decided ahead of Charles Town to reject CVS’s petition.

So, however voters vote in Thursday’s election, they shouldn’t allow the matter of the CVS outcome to turn their heads too far.

The Council rightly has remedied that matter already, meaning future such projects will have to conform to the very standards opponents of the project initially sought.

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