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(Wink, wink) No new ‘taxes’ to  fuel state road funding increases

(Wink, wink) No new ‘taxes’ to fuel state road funding increases

It sounds a lot like “smoke and mirrors,” but members of the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Highways indicated to reporters last week that they have come up with a way to generate $1.1 billion to fund state road improvements and maintenance without raising taxes. Actually, commission members are recommending the state increase tolls on […]

Moore-Manchin alliance shutting  door on Democrat run for Senate

Although it is obvious to those of us who know the long-ago facts, one reason Shelley Moore Capito avoids meaningful Democrat opposition in next year’s election appears to escape most state voters and pundits. When a retired politician asked me last week why state Democrats cannot muster a strong candidate to challenge the Republican Capito, […]

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In my opinion, 1947 was a good year for many hungry families. It was then that the Christian Rural Overseas Program was founded. The program’s primary mission was to help Midwest farm families share their grain with hungry neighbors in post-World War II Europe and Asia. Beginning in 1969, the Church World Services organization began […]

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W.Va.’s substance abuse problem merits review

Substance abuse is a terrible plague on our state and a growing problem nationally. West Virginia has one of the highest prescription drug overdose rates in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Thousands of babies in our state are born with neonatal abstinence syndrome because their mothers used drugs or alcohol during […]

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