More free parking spots headed to Charles Town

CHARLES TOWN — There’s more free parking coming to Charles Town.

The City Council voted unanimously Monday to open up two spaces for two-hour free parking in the lot on Liberty Street. The spaces, which had been available by permit only, will be labeled with signs.

The measure is part of a broader plan by council members to consider changes to the city’s parking standards, according to Ward 2 Councilman Chet Hines, who is chairman of the streets committee.

“Personally, I think there should be more parking meters,” Hines said. “Shepherdstown has parking meters. It generates revenue.”

Parking meters were eliminated from Washington Street several years ago.

“The thought was free parking would generate more business,” Hines said. “But the spaces were being taken up by employees of the businesses.”

Ward 1 Councilman Mark Reinhart of Ward 1 recommended that the change to the Liberty Street spaces be evaluated after six months.

The committee will also be addressing standards for speed bumps or speed humps in communities. Speed humps are a gradual lowering of a road area whereas bumps are an elevated portion of road to slow down speeders.

Hines said the Tuscawilla Hills development employs speed bumps while the Locust Hill development has speed humps. The council has received a number of requests for speed bumps from the Norborne Glebe community.

“We want to have a policy concerning speed bumps and speed humps,” Hines said. “Every development could want them. We can’t do it for everyone.”

The other members of the street committee are Councilwoman Sandra McDonald of Ward 1 and Councilman Michael Slover of Ward 4.

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One Response to More free parking spots headed to Charles Town

  1. Rather than more parking meters, couldn’t free parking in downtown Charles Town be expanded with time limits on the spaces? A two-hour time limit would deter most employees while still allowing adequate time for shoppers and diners. My husband had to give up on doing business at the post office recently before work because he could not find any open unmetered parking spaces and didn’t have any coins with him (as he seldom does have anyway), so in essence the meters drove a customer away. But if it is believed that meters are the “best” option, and I don’t think they are, then these meters should be the kind that are able to swipe debit/credit cards. And as Tuscawilla Hills resident, let me just say I think the speed bumps are a pain…

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