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New Charles Town consignment business aims to outfit motorcycle aficionados

CHARLES TOWN — Tina Rinner’s driven these days. She wants to give motorcyclists a place to go for reasonably priced biker apparel and other items.

Her new store, HD Apparel at 32 Federal Way not far from Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races, also serves as a hub for information on riding events.

Tina Renner

Tina Renner

Renner, who worked for Universal Forest Products in Ranson for 17 years then in the purchasing office of Aldi in Frederick, Md., for seven years, got the idea for a consignment business after seeing local demand for fashions and accessories designed for bikers.

“I saw that biker gear that was taken to places like Goodwill got snatched up immediately,” Renner said. “The closest place to go to buy this kind of apparel is in Winchester, Va., [so] I decided to corner the market.”

She opened her retail space earlier this month, but has been selling biker apparel since May when she set up a tent outside Longshots Bar and Grill. “You gotta start somewhere,” she said, laughing.

She said she’s working with 20 or so consigners so far and has for sale items such as as boots, chaps, vests, leather jackets, T-shirts and license plates.

“It is much better than shopping online,” Renner said. “You can see the items and touch them.”

Renner also can help customers who haven’t yet taken the motorcycle plunge, but are interested in exploring biker life. “I’ve been around bikers for 20 years,” the Winchester native said. “There’s a great feeling of freedom on a bike.”

Helping bikers find great rides and events is another important part of her work, Renner said. “Bikers in Charles Town are scattered all over,” she said. “I want to get the word out that they can find good information here in the shop.”

Renner will also continue to take HD Apparel on the road – setting up shop at biker events and other places where riders congregate, she said.

The work of bringing together consignment shoppers with buyers is especially satisfying, said Renner, who describes herself as “blessed” to have come up with the idea.

“I’ve met so many wonderful people since I opened the business,” she said. “There is nothing more awesome than seeing someone consign a item that they have taken great care of and worn with pride and then to see someone purchase the item at an affordable price and do the same.

“The satisfaction and gratitude on both sides is a win-win.”

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