We shouldn’t be so quick to bulldoze property rights

As I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of home

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One Response to We shouldn’t be so quick to bulldoze property rights

  1. Elliot, interesting comments. The other side of the story has not been heard. Several of these property owners have taken their accusations to the county Circuit Court and have lost their arguments about the legality of the processes which led to the condemnations. Many of the condemned properties in question had been the subject of complaints by neighbors for being crack houses; or the places where multiple crimes have occurred. The properties have not been kept up. What the slum landlords refused to do has led to the results. An irresponsible landlord who abandons his responsibility winds up with a house in disrepair. There is no interest in repairing after a certain point because there would be no return on their investment and it is easier money for them to rent to the criminal-slim balls and eventually walk away from it all together. The county Democratic Exec Committee chair is behind this wearing the hat of the president of the local Landlord Association. He is a former councilman who led a committee for at least two years to revise the city building code. He turned out to be all talk and never changed a thing. His committee members stopped going to his meetings because they just turned into his complaints and axe-grinding about how unfair the code has been to the properties he owned.

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