‘Broken’ promises: Ruland suing mobile device repair CEO

CHARLES TOWN – Nearly a year ago when Patrick Petersen

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2 Responses to ‘Broken’ promises: Ruland suing mobile device repair CEO

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  2. What a shame. There are so many small businesses busting their hump, living their dream, providing jobs and improving the quality of life and sense of community in Jefferson County. Yet they get little to no help from our Economic Development Authority, WV Small Business Development Council and others who should be in a position to help. Instead, these agencies waste taxpayer money backing people like this scam artist and businesses like Stasis. Their vision is so skewed as to be totally useless to the folks who could use them. They should be disbanded and reorganized into a group that can be efficient and coordinated enough to grow the great businesses we already have, encourage more like them and take advantage of the unique opportunities that Jefferson County offers.

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