Request to fund bike path will get another try

SHEPHERDSTOWN — When it comes to winning funding for a new bike path in Shepherdstown, Jefferson County Commissioner Lyn Widmyer hopes the second time’s the charm.

Her initial effort to get the commission to allocate $36,000 — the balance of an unused $75,000 grant commissioners approved last year — to pay for newly discovered maintenance expenses needed to connect Shepherdstown Middle School with Morgan’s Grove Park failed.

At last week’s commission meeting, Widmyer’s motion died after a 2-2 tie. Widmyer and Dale Manuel voted to fund the project; Jane Tabb and Patsy Noland voted no. Walt Pellish of the Shepherdstown district was absent.

The additional money is needed after Shepherdstown officials learned that the granting body required funding for maintenance and contingency expenses.

Widmyer said Shepherdstown officials have indicated they will move forward with the project and cover maintenance and contingency funds itself if need be, without the county’s help.

Widmyer, though, is not giving up on the county’s help. “I applaud them,” she said of Shepherdstown’s initiative, “but this path benefits more than just citizens. It’s part of the county.”

Widmyer said she will put the issue on the next County Commission meeting agenda.
“Everyone’s chipping in to make this a reality and I think the County Commission should do the same,” she said. “It’s going to benefit all county residents and we should be happily sharing the cost.”




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