DDCT leader Kelly Edwards shares goals for downtown

CHARLES TOWN – City Council members Monday night heard good news and bad news about promoting Charles Town.

Kelly Edwards of Discover Downtown Charles Town, the nonprofit organization created to keep the community informed of events and promotions in the city, said DDCT is working to give the city a unified appearance.

Improvements to Washington Street is one long-term goal. “The whole community drives down Washington Street,” she said. “Renovations and facelifts are necessary. We want to have the look and feel of a downtown.”

Seminars for business owners on how they can better display their wares was another suggestion.

The possibility of creating a walking plaza at North Charles Street is another idea, Edwards said. A stage would be part of the plan and a courtyard where people could sit.

Ann Fern, whose business offers ghost tours in Charles Town, said too little is being done to attract tourists to the area.

“There is a lack of communication about things happening in Charles Town,” she said. “We don’t have a central site where tourists and locals can go.”

She said Harpers Ferry gets far more attention.

“Harpers Ferry is only six miles away,” she said. “We all need to be ambassadors of tourism. Smile. Promote our town. Let’s get people excited.”

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