Country Roads Car Club to host road rally for charity

CHARLES TOWN – Since the 1980s, members of the Country Roads Car Club have been getting together to show off their wheels and raise money for charity.

Known in the past for holding the Ghost Encounter Road Rally and Legends and Folklore Rally, club members have now decided to host a Flag Day Poker Hand Road Rally event to raise money to benefit Jefferson County charities.

The Poker Hand Rally Event will kick off – rain or shine – at 10 a.m. from the Roy Rogers parking lot in Ranson. Drivers will travel a 100-mile course through some of the most beautifully scenic areas of Jefferson and Berkeley counties.

Each car taking part must include at least a driver and a navigator. Once signed in, each team will receive a list of instructions to help them along the course.

There will be five check-points along the route where cars will stop to get envelopes containing one playing card each. At the end of the course, each team will present all five of their unopened envelopes and those holding the 11 best hands will win a trophy. There will be a total of 20 trophies awarded.

“We decided we wanted to bring back a simple road rally since we haven’t done one in about six or seven years,” said Ron Nowell, chairman of the event.

Most Friday nights, members of the Country Roads Car Club can  be seen showcasing their one-of-a-kind automobiles in the Ranson Home Depot parking lot, but Nowell said any vehicle – as long as it has wheels – can be part of Saturday’s road rally.

“It can be a truck, a minivan, whatever you have,” he said.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” said Charles Tilley, event co-coordinator, “and it’s a family-friendly event. You can load up the whole family in the car.”

Next on the agenda for the Country Roads Car Club is donating a car to High Performance Heroes, a small organization that is working to modify racing cars for veterans with leg amputations so they can continue to take part in a sport they’ve always loved.

For more information about the Flag Day Poker Hand Road Rally event or to register early, call 304-725-2189. For more information about the Country Roads Car Club visit countryroadscc.com.


Want to go?


What: Flag Day Road Rally


When: 10 a.m. Saturday


Where: Roy Rogers parking lot in Ranson


How much: $20 donation per car


For details or to register early: Call 304-725-2189


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