Make a difference and head to the polls

We don’t want to hear any of that “My vote wouldn’t make a difference” nonsense. This election, especially, your vote does matter. For one, the May 13 election will decide three seats on the Jefferson County Board of Education – potentially putting a new majority in place on the nonpartisan body that steers our school system.

The race for Congress also is key, with Republican voters set to decide whether a Charles Town resident recently settled here from Maryland should move forward to the November vote and the chance to begin representing West Virginia come January.

The early voting option continues daily through Saturday at the Jefferson County Courthouse and offers a quick, easy way to make your voice heard in the democratic process. Questions? Call the county elections office at 304-725-3215.

In too many recent election cycles, the dismal turnout at the polls all across the Mountain State – with a mere fraction of those eligible bothering to take part –  has given West Virginia another (self-inflicted) black eye. We implore voters in the Eastern Panhandle to reject apathy and go to the polls now or May 13. Urge friends and family to do the same. There’s too much to be decided in the months and years ahead to opt out  of the process.

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