Barking lot

Emmy, a blue heeler belonging to Cory Grace of Harpers Ferry, greets a visitor during an evening outing0423DOG-14_72dpi
last week at the dog park at Sam Michael’s Park. Grace, who also has a Lab-pointer mix named Trooper,
says they’re regulars at the Shenandoah Junction park. “They need to run every day,” she said.







The outing was the first-ever to the dog park by Tank, a bulldog owned by Quentin Ferrell and Amy Staubs of Ranson. After he’d run around, other dog owners were quick to lend a dish for him to get a drink.0423DOG-6_72dpi











Judy Magaha of Ranson says she brings her Lab-hound mix Skillet to the dog park three or four times a week and has ever since she adopted him nearly three years ago. She moved here from Boston and travels to D.C. for work every weekday so the dog park is a way to connect with other dog folk. “We come as often as we can,” she said.0423DOG-15_72dpi

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