Espinosa deserves thanks for vote

Fighting fraud and abuse in state government – or wherever it may be found – is of paramount importance.

The West Virginia Business & Industry Council – comprised of more than 60 state trade associations and businesses representing over 395,000 workers – is committed to eradicating fraud for the good of all West Virginians.

House Bill 4001 (False Claims Act) was recently promoted by sponsors as a whistle-blower protection program that would stop fraud and abuse while bringing in revenue for the State. In truth, however, the bill included provisions that would have created a bonanza for plaintiff’s attorneys without accomplishing the stated objectives.

The Business & Industry Council appreciates the clear and progressive thinking a majority of the House of Delegates undertook in evaluating this bill and the potential negative impact it could have had on the state. We applaud the leadership demonstrated by House members – including Paul Espinosa – in voting down this legislation.

We look forward to working with all members of the Legislature to identify truly effective initiatives to combat fraud in state government.


Chris Hamilton, chairman

West Virginia Business & Industry

Council Charleston



No need for big city tactics

I read about Jefferson County Commissioner Walt Pellish’s plan today in the Spirit regarding his plan to save some money and work out the county’s budget deficit.

I realize that he and the commission need to cut costs and reducing the number of people on the board on the county Emergency Services Agency and working with fire departments to share revenue is a reasonable idea.

I don’t, however, like the ultimatum he issued to the fire departments instead of a good face to face. Any government’s first job is to look after the safety of its citizens and to have Walt Pellish, the president of County Commission, speaking that way to our fire departments is cause for concern to me.

I am sure that if he sat down and really worked out an agreement with the chiefs, this type of talk wouldn’t be necessary. We are a small community and can work things out without big city political tactics.


A.T. Knott



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