A look back: Mounds abound

This week marks the anniversary of the excavation of the Grave Creek Mound, the burial mound in what today is Moundsville.0319Page-2-

Amateur archeologists Jesse Tomlinson and Thomas Briggs created tunnels through the interior of the mound, which had been

created with more than 60,000 tons of dirt between 250 and 150 B.C. On March 19, 1838, Tomlinson and Briggs found burial chambers

with jewelry-adorned skeletons and soon turned the site into a tourist attraction. But by the turn of the century, developers were

eyeing the mound for development. In 1908, preservationists in the form of the Wheeling chapter of the Daughters of the American

Revolution stepped in, and the state purchased the land a year later. Now a National Historic Landmark, the site includes the Delf

Norona Museum, where visitors can see thousands of artifacts related to the area’s native peoples. Admission is free.

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