Martinsburg to apply for home rule program

MARTINSBURG (AP) — Martinsburg plans to apply to become a participant in the state’s Municipal Home Rule program.

The Journal reports that City Council voted last week to hire the Bowles Rice law firm to help city officials prepare the application.

The program shifts power from the state to the local level and gives municipalities a larger say in how they govern. It began as a five-year pilot program in four cities.

Last year, the Legislature continued the program until July 1, 2019, and allowed a total 20 municipalities to participate.

June 1 is the deadline to submit applications.

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One Response to Martinsburg to apply for home rule program

  1. Martinsburg already touts home rule even thogh there not part of the home rule program. Ordinances passed by city council are passed as law against the state constitution. The Municiple courts uphold it as law even though its illegal(void). Ordinances are agency rewrites of general law, not voted by the legislature of either house or read for 3 days in both houses. Therefore is in violation of the constitution and not by law void.

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