Kids’ summer break may start in mid-June

CHARLES TOWN – Jefferson County school officials will finalize the school schedule at the March 10 meeting of the Board of Education.

[cleeng_content id=”276897916″ description=”Read it now!” price=”0.49″ t=”article”]Superintendent Susan Wall said Jefferson County Schools are tentatively projecting that the last day of school this year will be June 12.

Without the 13 days school has been cancelled this year, and five times two-hour delays have been called, the year would have ended for students on June 2.

State law says counties cannot finalize the end-of-year date any earlier than March 1.

“They will address things like converting extra days at the end of the year or converting teachers’ Instruction Support days [to regular school days,]” Wall said. “We are definitely looking at maximizing instructional time for our students at this point, as well as looking at where we can make up days.”

Wall said the year does not have to be extended by the full number of days missed because the school system builds in extra instructional time by default.

“We have accrued time,” she said. “Our students are in school more than the required number of minutes. So they are already gaining instruction through attending school for more minutes than required.”

Wall says it has been years since so many days of school have had to be cancelled or delayed.

“We’ve had several mild winters here recently,” she said. “This is just an unusual winter.”[/cleeng_content]


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