Now’s the time to plan your summer garden

MARTINSBURG – Don’t worry if you haven’t received any seed catalogs in the mail. Many catalogs are available online, and now is the time to plan and choose plants for your garden. Since seeds are small, compact and easy to mail many more choices are now available and affordable. Check the seed displays at your local garden center. Plan and order early for the best selection.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is one of a number of options for prospective gardeners. The Maine-based company dates to 1973.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is one of a number of options for
prospective gardeners. The Maine-based company dates to 1973.

Here is a list of some seed companies to consider and their contact information:

  • Burpee’s: 800-333-5808 or go to burpee.com
  • Harris Seed Co.: 800-514-4441 or go to harrisseeds.com
  • The Cook’s Garden: 800-457-9703 or online at cooksgarden.
  • Seeds of Change (open-pollinated, 100 percent organic heirloom and traditional vegetable, flower and herb seeds): 888-762-7333 or seedsofchange.com
  • Seed Savers Exchange (a nonprofit organization that saves and shares heirloom seeds): Call 563-382-5990 or go to seedsavers.org
  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds (from a 40-acre certified organic farm in Albion, Maine): . Call 877-564-6697 or go to johnnyseeds.com
  • Jung Seed Co.: Call 1-800-297-3123 or go to jungseed.com
  • Gurney’s Seeds & Nursery: Go online to gurneys.com
  • Fedco Seeds: Fedcoseeds.com
  • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (heirloom seeds and non-hybrid seeds): Southernexposure.com
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (19th-century types, including many Asian and European varieties) rareseeds.com
  • The D. Landreth Seed Co. (fine lawn and garden seeds): landrethseeds.com


Free seed starting class

Master Gardener Angie Faulkner will lead a seed starting class a 10 a.m. Saturday at the West Virginia University Kearneysville Tree Fruit Research and Education Center at 67 Apple Harvest Lane.

The class, free and open to the public, will detail how to successfully start seeds for the 2014 gardens, including when to begin, how to transplant, where to garden, and what tools, lights, soil are needed.

For more information, contact Eleanor Finn (Eleanor_finn@yahoo.com) or Louise Finch (lrfinsh342@frontier.com).


– Mary Beth Bennett is a WVU Extension agent and associate professor. She may be reached at 304-264-1936 or MBBennett@mail.wvu.edu



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