Many lives had the grand old Hilltop House Hotel

With the renewed interest in the possible reopening of the

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7 Responses to Many lives had the grand old Hilltop House Hotel

  1. Thomas Lovett’s wife was Lavinia, not Lavonia as you have it spelled. Her maiden name was Holloway.
    Thomas died in 1926; his father was William Lovett who died in 1888. (the article states that William died in 1926)
    A. Mercer Daniel published his article in the Journal of Negro History in the mid-1960s.

  2. what a nice and thoughtful article on the history of a sure treasure,
    have stayed there many times and now I live in California but still
    consider the area to be the prettiest in America…..

  3. What nicely done article on one a true treasure The Old Hilltop Hotel.
    While leaving In Baltimore had the pleasure of staying there and once our whole family when there for Thanksgiving Dinner. Also, once I went on a cross country trip and my last night before returning home after seeing most of American I stayed there and remember saying may be the prettiest place in this great U.S.A.

  4. A really great article. My wife and I got in the tradition of going to the buffet the day after Thanksgiving. Eventually, we had a daughter who also came with us.

    I truly wish it would re-open someday.

  5. “If u build it…they will come.” I have so many memories of that beautiful place from my childhood in the early 80s. I have tried to revisit many times only to be saddened by the closure. I loved the views, the history, the buffets, and the hopes of marrying there one day. I would LOVE to see it reopened, and with many roots in that area, i know it could be successful again. It is truly remarkable and doesn’t deserve to be sitting abandoned! I wish i had the means to participate in its restoration. Project bring back Hilltop House!!

  6. terry and robin engle

    my husband and i used to work at the hilltop house hotel i did housekeeping and commercial cleaning and my husband was the head groundskeeper there and we also lived on the property,we had so much piece of mind there we really loved working there and living there it was a honor to be there we would give anything to be back there again to work and live on the property we want the hilltop house hotel rebuilt it is a part of history in harpers ferry and beautiful overlooking the two rivers we would even also like to have part in restoring it we just want to be back there again we had so many precious memories theremorethen any place we ever worked we want the hilltop house hotel rebuilt and back in operation it doesnt deserve to be abandoned we love the hotel and its history bring it back

  7. I first found out about the Hilltop while visiting Harpers Ferry with a group of students from Baltimore who were caroling in the town during ole tyme christmas back in early 80’s. After that visit it became a family holiday tradition every year ending up with dinner at Hilltop. This building that sits on top of the town truly was one of if not the most reason for coming to ole tyme christmas. Only place on the east coast where one can capture the true feeling of Christmas during the civil war and this place had it all. We went back about about 2 years after the Hilltop closed and all the feelings were gone. Haven’t been back since but everyone i talk to feels the same and allagreed they would return again if “ole Hilltop” was restored!

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