Arguing about the message of Christ, but missing it

We can disagree, but why must we be so disagreeable

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2 Responses to Arguing about the message of Christ, but missing it

  1. The entire history of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other “major” religions is one of internal discord (sometimes violent) and confrontation with other major religions (more often violent).

    The internal discord leads to endless schisms and the formation of ever more sects.

    All of this is due to the inherent nature of religion. It’s beliefs are simply not provable but more importantly not disprovable either. One who dissents from the orthodoxy of any given sect cannot prove that s/he is right and the current orthodoxy is wrong; therefore the only alternative is to depart and start one’s own sect.

    There is no peaceful, non-destructive to resolve basic items of difference between believers.

    More significantly, if a believer believes strongly enough that s/he is the only person correctly discerning what a GOD wants, no dissent can be allowed and any means necessary to implement that message can be used, be it illegal, violent etc.

  2. As the writer himself notes: “But when churches and so-called spiritually wise people attempt the same technique, the result is a shouting match with no winners, only losers. Meanwhile, the nonreligious folks watch and wonder what is wrong with us.”

    One who believes in unprovable theses can never ever silence someone who believes in another unprovable thesis.

    The founders of this country knew this very well. That is why they did everything they could to separate religion from politics and power. That is why Jefferson knew so well that there must be a “Wall of Separation” between the churches and the state. Passionate, irresolvable conflicts are harmful to both peace and democracy and even a huge majority which agrees on religious matters is inherently a threat to the rights of others.

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