A LOOK BACK: On the ball

0102PAGE-2---A-Look-BackChip Ruble shares this photograph of the North Mountain All Stars, the 1937 baseball team that included as pitcher his maternal grandfather, G. Homer Kees. Shown crouching at right, Kees was known for his devastating fastball and curveball. He tried out for the Washington Senators around this time, Ruble explains. The initial tryout went well but an injury to his hand prevented Kees from attending a followup with the team manager. Kees continued pitching into his 40s and remained a lifelong fan of the sport. “Throughout his life he watched baseball on the old black & white television in his living room,” Ruble said. “Baseball and the news – I remember that Homer’s television was only turned on for these two reasons.” He also loved to fish in the Shenandoah River around Kabletown and to turkey hunt each fall in the mountains and fields around Gerrardstown, his grandson recalls. Kees, who passed away at 74 in 1983, is buried in the Gerrardstown Presbyterian Cemetery. Do you have a yesteryear photo you’d like readers of the Spirit to see? Get in touch with us at Christine@spiritofjefferson.com.


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