Explosive start Patriot trademark

[cleeng_content id="133216650" description="Read it now!" price="0.49" t="article"]CHARLES TOWN — Washington’s opponents have heard of the Patriots’ quickness, quality depth and ability to completely control any game’s tempo.

Those teams didn’t need their ear to the ground to hear the rumblings.

Kendell Smith goes up for a dunk against James Wood.

Kendell Smith goes up for a dunk against James Wood.

When facing the Patriots, immediately they see a smothering pressure defense and a withering fast break fueled by steals and turnovers exacted in the back court.

When an opponent misses a shot, Washington controls almost all the rebounds, and those rebounds set in motion a sometimes lethal fast break.

Washington scores so frequently in the first quarter that a perplexed and exhausted opponent is so far behind after only one quarter that the outcome has already been decided.

In the Patriots’ home opener, the patented pressure defense and fast break scoring had them ahead of unbeaten James Wood by 18 points after one quarter. The anticlimactic final score was 94-40. Another victim that anticipated the whirlwind it saw had been tamed before some of the audience had reached their pews.

In creating doubt — and then despair — in another opponent, Washington had a 14-0 run of points in the first quarter … before settling for a 27-9 lead after the period closed.

Dominique Newman, the non-commissioned general of the Washington game plan, had two long-range field goals on his way to scoring 14 points. Four of his five field goals would be three-pointers.

Washington’s lead by halftime was 48-20 and had hurried its confidence-deflating purpose through the Colonel lineup.

After three quarters, it was 70-27. And James Wood came in with a 4-0 record.

The Patriots had scorers everywhere you looked.

Kendell Smith, reserve Austin Shields, Kendall Coles and reserve Josh Dudley all reached double figures in scoring.

Jerome Jones and Maleke Jones combined for another 18 points. In all, 11 Patriots scored.

In addition to its transition tornado of points, Washington also profited from the free throw line where it was 20-of-26 overall. James Wood came in knowing full well what it was facing. And the Colonels left with a 54-point loss and a 4-1 overall record.


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