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HARPERS FERRY – Tucked away in a cozy shop off of the main staircase that connects High and Potomac Streets in lower town Harpers Ferry, a newly opened business is cooking up a unique version of an old breakfast favorite.

Rachel Quinn (right) is the owner of Waffle Buzz, a new Belgium-style waffle house in downtown Harpers Ferry. She and Lisa Horning whip up Liege-style waffles six days a week at 180 High St.

Rachel Quinn (right) is the owner of Waffle Buzz, a new Belgium-style waffle house in downtown Harpers Ferry. She and Lisa Horning whip up Liege-style waffles six days a week at 180 High St.

As owner Rachel Quinn explained, Waffle Buzz focuses on producing a variety of waffles that, while immensely popular in Belgium, have yet to make a big splash in America.

“We specialize in Liege waffles,” she said. “They are heads and tails much better than other waffles.

“It looks like a normal waffle, but it is very different from the waffles that we are all familiar with here in the States,” she said. “Instead of a quick batter it uses a yeast-risen dough. It has a much more complex flavor and has a totally different texture.

“The other thing that is special about them is the sugar pearls that we incorporate into the dough. They turn into these little caramelized pockets of delicious sweetness when they are cooked.”

The unique confectionaries require unique – and hefty – equipment.

“We cook them on 50 pound cast iron waffle irons,” Quinn said. “They get this really great buttery outside crust and the inside is flaky and light.”

Liege waffles, she explained, are a popular street food in Belgium.

“Traditionally, they are eaten plain. They are really good on their own,” she said, adding that Waffle Buzz nonetheless carries a variety of toppings. “Typically we have a couple of fresh fruits or berries, whipped cream and some syrups.”

Waffle Buzz does offer a few seats, but it is primarily a take-out restaurant, she said.

In addition to waffles, they offer a daily selection of soups and espresso drinks.

“We use all the best ingredients we can find, and we make everything fresh for you,” she said.

Waffle Buzz is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:30 a.m. until 4 p.m., and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekends.

Want to go?
What: Waffle Buzz
Where: 180 High St. (on the staircase) in Harpers Ferry
To know more: Call 304535-4142 or find Waffle Buzz on Facebook


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