New dorms set for Customs/Border Patrol

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HARPERS FERRY – Funding has been obtained for a new dormitory and student center at the Customs and Border Protection’s Advanced Training Center in Harpers Ferry, U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller announced last week.

The dormitory, which is expected to be completed in mid-2016, will host 250 rooms for students who are training at the facility. The ATC currently trains around 12,000 Border Patrol agents each year.

“This center is on the cutting edge of education and training for Customs and Border Protection personnel who play an essential role in defending our country,” Rockefeller said in a press release. “West Virginia is so proud of this facility and all the men and women who work and train there. I am committed to strengthening our homeland security facilities and making sure they have the resources necessary to keep our nation safe.”

Rockefeller said that constructing the dormitory will reduce the long-term cost of training border patrol agents.

“The addition of dormitories and a student center will help transform the facility into a full-service training campus for its students,” he said. “When completed in mid-2016, students will be able to stay on the campus for extended periods of time and get the training they need, which will save the federal government millions of dollars in training and travel expenses.”

The development may have a negative impact on some area hotels, however, as many of these house ATC trainees during their stays in West Virginia.




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