Obamacare and Morrisey

In a recent Op-Ed in Forbes entitled “How Obamacare Makes Theft Of Your Identity More Likely,” West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey stated, “the Obama administration doled out tens of millions of dollars to community groups across the country… It’s the President’s gift to some of his grassroots allies. And it could be a bonanza for identity thieves.”

Who exactly who are these “peeps” of Obama that are making off with our tax dollars? Fortunately, their identities have been exposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

It appears that $9 million is being doled out to universities; $7 million to the United Way, the nation’s largest charity; $4 million doled out to Federally Qualified Health Centers and Quality Improvement Organizations; $4 million to state Primary Care Associations; $4 million doled out to mental health associations including Mental Health America (established in 1909); $4 million to health management companies that serve hospitals and other healthcare providers; $2 million doled out to hospitals; $2 million to national and state Councils on Aging; $2 million doled out to state and county Health Departments; and the list goes on.

I am not an expert in health care like the Attorney General, who has made millions lobbying for drug companies, but I would think that these universities, businesses, agencies and organizations are accustomed to protecting their clients’ privacy. For example, one of them, Cardon Healthcare Network is the nation’s largest provider serving over 500 hospitals and clinics nationwide and handling over $10 billion in patient billings annually.

It appears that the West Virginia Attorney General and his ideological allies are attempting to portray these reputable companies and organizations as being composed of radical left-wing community activists, remnants of ACORN and unemployed Obama For America campaign volunteers with no experience in healthcare issues. They have become desperate on the eve of the nation’s epic healthcare reform having battled healthcare reform for five years — and lost — including before the U.S. Supreme Court. West Virginia deserves much better than blatantly false propaganda.

Don Burgess



Better Internet service needed

I intended to write this letter on Sept. 22, but Frontier Internet service had apparently taken the weekend off again.

When we lost Internet service on July 7 and 10, the Frontier story was that something had chewed on the cable. As a result of reporting these outages, I was issued a $10 credit. The credit appeared on the next bill.

July 27 and 28 was the weekend that everyone in Jefferson County seemed to be without service. As a result of that outage, I was to receive a $12 credit. The credit did not appear on the next bill. When I called Frontier to inquire why the credit had not been applied to my account, I was told they had no record of my reporting the outage or a credit being issued.

I gave them the representative’s name and the confirmation number issued at the time. After 15 minutes on hold, I was told they would be issuing a new credit for those two days, a total of $1.79. Their breakdown was 59 cents per day plus taxes and miscellaneous charges. I did not accept the offer.

After spending more time on hold, I was finally issued a $12 credit to appear on the next bill. This situation with Frontier is nothing new and getting worse. The folks in the local office can never give you a reason why the Internet is down and the technical support folks just waste 45 minutes of you day having you unplug reboot, click here and click there to no avail.

I was encouraged to learn that the County Commission had the Internet issue on their Sept. 19 agenda, but I was somewhat offended by Paul Espinosa’s comments: “It’s reasonable to expect that your service will work. If your service is out, we want to know about that.” I can assure you that I have personally complained to Espinosa about Frontier’s poor Internet service and the run-around we get when we report outages.

E. King



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