Tennis tournament champs named

The Jefferson Co. Memorial Park children’s trophy tennis tournament was held Aug. 5 to 8.

Age group singles champions were: Chet Gore, Heidi Ebeling, Justin Gottlieb, Jordan Rawlins, Aiden Turney, Agnese McAllister, Anna Ours, Kaleb Lochnor, Sarah Leon Guerreo, MacKenzie Littleton and Devin Forman.

Singles runner ups were: Aiden Walter, Gaby Smith Christian, Grace Lochnor, Cole Gore, Jordan Rawlins, James Rawlins, Ava Roth, Michael Henriquez, Leah Chen, Dori Sanders, Bryce Turney and Lonnie Briggs.

Doubles champions were: Jolynn Allinger, Agnese McAllister, Aiden Turney, Regan Allinger, Madison Chen, Leah Chen, Michael Henriquez, Ricky Henriquz, Mackenzie Littleton, Dori Sanders, Devin Forman, Andrew Dyck, Kaleb Lochnor, MacKenzie Littleton and Sarah Leon Guerreo, Ricky Henriquez.

Doubles runner-ups were: Meadow Miller, Jenna Weber, James Rawlins, Cole Gore, Sarah Muskett, Sarah Leon Guerreo, Aaron Matlock, Paul Remsburg, Ava Roth, Michael Henriquez, Sarah Leon Guerreo, Paige Madison, Kaleb Lochnor, Lonnie Briggs and Devin Forman, Dori Sanders.

The park tennis awards night will be held Sept. 3 at 6 p.m. at the park tennis pavilion, rain or shine. All finalists in the trophy tournament, all regular season champion Cubs and Tigers, and all team members present for the playoff champion Hawks and Blue Jays will be honored at this time. All summer players are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served and photos taken.

The Metro USTA tennis tournament was held on Saturday. Local players earning trophies were: first, Cole Gore; second, Anna Walters, Nathan Perry; third, Jordan Rawlins; fourth, Grace Lochnor, Cole Gore; and fifth, Lloyd Tracy.

The Jefferson Park swim team enjoyed a great season finishing as runner-up in Division I with a 3-1 record and finishing third in the all-star championship meet out of 10 teams.

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