Lawrence appointed chairwoman

CHARLESTON — Delegate Tiffany Lawrence, D-Jefferson County, is the newly appointed Chairwoman of the House of Delegates Standing Committee on Political Subdivisions that meets weekly during the regular Legislative Session which will begin in January.

Lawrence received appointment notification from the new Speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates, Tim Miley.

Tiffany Lawrence

Tiffany Lawrence

The position was vacated by Tim Manchin of Fairmont after he took on the role of Judiciary Chairman which was held by Miley.

Lawrence has served as Vice Chair of the Committee on Political Subdivisions since her second term in the House in 2010. The committee handles and addresses legislation affecting townships, cities and counties and their relationships with the state, according to Lawrence, who said she is hoping to foster even better communication between localities across the state in the coming year.

“I look to work even more effectively with our municipal and county governments across the state as we move legislation forward that will positively affect our localities in all regions,” Lawrence said. “As a supporter of local control, I believe the power should rest close to home, closest to the people. This committee is often particularly helpful to the Panhandle and Jefferson County as we see issues like annexation and zoning – specific issues that other regions don’t address, but are overseen by state law.”


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