EDITOR’S NOTE:Another terrific week at the Jefferson County Fair

Another terrific week at the Jefferson County Fair
So much has changed about our area since the 1950s, but every August, visiting the Jefferson County Fair reminds that some important elements of life still are much the same.
We’re not thinking of the amusement rides, games and food at last week’s fair – though all are fun – but rather the chance to witness the hard work that’s evident throughout the fair.
We can all take pride in living in an area where enterprising young people spend months caring for goats, pigs and other animals or tackling other projects, from baking to sewing to photography and so many more.
So many adults, too, enter their work in the fair, each of them contributing to our certainty that we live in a community of incredible talent and rich tradition.
And then there are the organizers who go to great lengths to plan a great fair week and to make sure every detail unfolds correctly and on schedule. It’s an enormous undertaking, but these experts do it all so well that to many visitors it might at first glance seem not like work at all, but like magic, all of it sprung fully formed on the vast fairgrounds in Leetown.
At the Spirit, we’re grateful to get to play our own small role in fair week by working with fair officials to put together a preview guide to the event. We hope you found it helpful.
We also take part in the fair by setting up a table where staff members hand out copies of our paper and answer questions about what we do. Thanks to all the familiar faces and new friends who stopped by to say hello.
This week’s edition has more great photos from the fair and you’ll want to look for the Spirit in the weeks to come for the special wrap-up section with the names of winners, the list of business owners and citizens who purchased farm animals at Saturday’s annual auction.
In so many ways, the Jefferson County Fair contributes greatly to the fabric of our community all year long, and I know I’m not alone in starting to anticipate next summer’s fair from the very moment the 61st annual event wrapped up late Saturday night.

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