Adult uses to be banned in Burr industrial park

CHARLES TOWN – The Jefferson County Development Authority will soon ban adult and gambling establishments from the Burr Business Park.

[cleeng_content id="691625327" description="Read it now!" price="0.49" t="article"]JCDA Executive Director John Reisenweber said the idea for the restrict originated with a request to put a gambling parlor in the Burr side of the business park.

“We at the Development Authority basically decided that’s not what we want to be doing in the business park,” he said. “We want to make it a nice place where businesses want to come.”

The uses will be banned by amending the covenants which restrict the parks possible uses. The vote to amend the covenants will take place on Sept. 25.

Reisenweber said the amendment has been checked out with county planning officials and legal experts. He said the possibility of introducing adult establishments or gambling parlors in the park results from the broad set of uses contained in the county’s Commercial/Industrial zoning category.

Passage of the amendment requires a two-thirds vote of the landowners in the park, with each landowner receiving one vote for each five acres they own. The commission owns several buildings in the park, and so will also be given a number of votes.

“The reality is that the Development Authority already has two votes to pass this, but we wanted to make sure we do this the right way,” Reisenweber said. “We want to allow our landowners to weigh in.”

Commissioner Dale Manuel expressed some concern that some landowners could be effectively downzoned through the amendment.

“On the gambling prohibition … the membership that have the ability to vote on this – does this indeed maybe downzone their property if one of the uses they had is now being taken away?” he said, though he decided to support the proposal. “One of the things that helps me try to reconcile this in my mind is that it is a majority vote of all the owners within the impacted area.”

The commission unanimously authorized Walt Pellish, the liaison to the JCDA to cast their votes in favor of the amendment.[/cleeng_content]


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