Should mail delay change our coverage?

We continue to hear from subscribers who have begun getting the Spirit a full week later than they did before the U.S. Postal Service moved distribution tasks from Martinsburg to Baltimore.

It’s helpful for us to know what’s happening with readers who rely on the mail system to get their copies. We hope others will drop us a line and let us know about their particular situations – and whether this change means we should alter how we approach coverage.

We’ve always set out to create a paper with a long shelf life. With each edition, we want to provide you with a wide range of interesting stories and opinion pieces. We want you to have plenty to read, not just on Wednesdays, the day we publish, but throughout the week.

But if many of you are getting the paper on a one-week delay, some of our content – namely our preview features and events listings – aren’t fulfilling their intended purpose. Our question is, how big a deal is this to you? Should we begin to preview events much farther in advance? Should Out&About, Community Calendar and other events lists include items not for the current week but for the weeks ahead?

Some readers have assured us that despite the delay in getting the Spirit in their mailbox, there’s still plenty to enjoy in each edition. They cite our editorial pages; our Life and front-page features; Patt Welsh’s recipes; news of weddings, engagements, anniversaries and births; Sports Editor Bob Madison’s “wayback when” columns on horseracing and baseball; and more. That’s reassuring to hear, of course, but as we try to find the right way to adjust to this new USPS-induced challenge, we’re eager to get more detailed feedback from as many readers as possible. We hope you’ll take time to get in touch, either by the good ol’ U.S. mail (114 N. Charles St., Charles Town 25414) or email me at

As always, we’re thankful for all of our faithful readers, subscribers, advertisers and those who share story ideas and news tips. No matter when you read the Spirit, we’re immensely grateful that you do.


– Robert Snyder

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