PRAISE for Harrison County Prosecutor Joe Shaffer, who announced he will seek to indict the Jarvisville woman who fatally shot her 11-year-old grandson last month as he slept in his bed.

Clearly, what happened after Tina Owens fired again and again from her .40 caliber handgun in the dark, worried that someone was trespassing on the property where both she and her son had homes, is an utter tragedy.

But Shaffer is wise to put the facts of the case before grand jurors and ask them to decide whether Owens acted recklessly June 30 when she took out her loaded gun and began to prowl the darkness.

Of course, Owens is suffering as she mourns her grandson, but in our review, she deserves to spend time behind bars as well. Her prosecution would serve as a warning to other gun owners to act with utmost caution, always.


NAY to the continued abuse against women. The news isn’t good; a new World Health Organization report found that more than one-third of all women on earth are victims of physical or sexual violence.

“These findings send a powerful message that violence against women is a global health problem of epidemic proportions,” said Margaret Chan, WHO’s director-general. “We also see that the world’s health systems can and must do more for women who experience violence.”

The study found that a huge number of the women abused fall victim to husbands or domestic partners. Many of the women die, but those who survive face a world of woe, the report states, with increased risk of depression, alcohol abuse, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy, abortion and low-birthweight newborns.

Said researcher Charlotte Watts of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: “This new data shows that violence against women is extremely common. We urgently need to invest in prevention to address the underlying causes of this global women’s health problem.”

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