Owls best Vikings, 7-2

The Little League Firecracker Tennis Tournament was held on July 2. The Owls defeated the Vikings 7-6 in the championship match.
To reach the finals the Vikings downed the Hawks 8-4 and the Owls outlasted the Cubs 7-5.
Members of the winning Owls team earning trophies were: Brenna Patterson, Melody Chopin, Meadow Miller, Grace Lochnor, Lauren Schwartz, Grace Taylor, Peyton Qualter, Isabella Teabo, Caroline Taylor, Currigan Tracy, Lloyd Tracy, Samuel Lung, Nathan Perry, Ethan Harner, Reid Patterson, Aiden Teabo, Henry Evans, and Ezra Harner.
The Big League Firecracker Tennis Tournament was held on July 5. The Blue Jays edged the Tigers 7-2 in the title match. To make the finals the Blue Jays defeated the Bears 7-2 and the Tigers edged the Lions 6-3.
Members of the winning Blue Jays team were: Bryce Turney, Bradley Diehl, Aiden Turney, Andrew Dyck, Ricardo Henriquez, Michael Henriquez, Dori Sanders, Kendall Turney, and Caroline Diehl.


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