Post office mixup creates headaches for subscribers

In recent days, we’ve heard from many Spirit readers concerned about why they didn’t get our June 26 edition in their mailboxes. As the problems have been brought to our attention, we’ve remedied the situation as quickly as possible. In some cases, subscribers have come to our office and we’ve handed out the missing paper on the spot. In other situations, we’ve driven to the subscribers’ homes to put the edition into their hands.

I’ve written recently about delivery delays being caused by the closure of our area mail distribution center, but this problem started here with us and it only affected those readers whose mail is fed through the Ranson Post Office.

In this instance, with office manager Cara Young – who most of the year spends Wednesdays ensuring the Spirit gets out properly and on time – on vacation for the week, another staff member took on the task of taking mailbags filled with subscribers’ papers to the post office. Unfortunately, the bags were taken not to the Ranson post office as Young does every week, but to the Charles Town post office downtown – and there the trouble began.

Thankfully, Monday I heard from a number of readers who took the time to call and tell me they’d finally gotten their papers.

Let me take this opportunity to state again how much the Spirit values our readers’ loyalty. Whenever a problem arises with your delivery, please contact me at 304-725-2046, email me at  editor@spiritofjefferson.com. or stop in to our office at 114 N. Charles St. in Charles Town.

– Robert Snyder


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