Reading program kicking off

CHARLES TOWN – The Charles Town Library invites all children to register for our Summer Reading Program, “Dig into Reading.”

Children who read consistently over the summer are less likely to suffer a drop in skills and are able to easily resume learning when they return to the classroom in the fall. Weekly (or even more frequent) visits to the library are a positive way to reinforce the importance of reading.

The Charles Town Library has a significant and growing collection of books for children. Because the collection has been built over time, the selection of materials is far greater than at a bookstore. In addition to a wide selection of materials, the Charles Town Library will also be offering opportunities for children to learn and have fun with “Dig into Reading” activities.

The heart of the “Dig Into Reading” program is the practice of consistent daily reading. Upon registering at the library, all readers (both independent and family readers) will be asked to select a daily reading goal—even just 15 minutes each day can make a real difference.

Once the reading has been completed, each reader will document the amount of time spent reading. If the contracted goal is met five out of seven days each week, when the reading log is returned to the library, the reader will be able to “dig” for a prize.

Along with daily reading and recording the amount of time read, summer activities have been planned. For younger children (infants through second grade), we have two storytimes available: Mondays at 10:30 a.m. and Thursdays at 4 p.m. There will also be three “Craft and Storytime Saturdays” for this age group as well.

For older children (ages 6-12), there will be weekly Wednesday afternoon programs starting at 2 p.m.

Each program lasts for about an hour and will revolve around the theme of “digging”—whether for family roots, history, or maybe even worms!

The Summer Reading Program will conclude with a “Can You Dig It?” party on Aug.7. Certificates will be awarded to participants as we celebrate with food and games reminiscent of the 1960s! Start now to look for those bellbottoms and peace signs!

The Summer Reading Program is designed to help children develop a lifelong love of reading. There is no cost to participate. The program begins next week.

Registration is now open. Come by the library today and pick up a registration form and schedule.


Adult Programs

Three adult programs are scheduled for June.

On Thursday the Charles Town Library will host the opening reception for the recently formed Book Artist Club of Jefferson County.

The show is titled, “Books Past/Books New.” The club will exhibit its handmade books, as well as altered books. Also on exhibit will be treasures from the artists’ personal book collections.

Please come and enjoy a conversation or two with talented artists who are giving new meaning to the concept of the book.

On June 20, researcher Don Watts returns with Family History, Part II.

Part I was an overview of how to go about undertaking the rewarding research of family history and available resources. Part II is a hands-on venture. Participants will have the opportunity to search for their family histories using a variety of databases. Space is limited. If interested, please be sure to register at the Library’s circulation desk, or, by calling 304-725-2208.

The Charles Town Library Book Club continues to meet each month on the third Tuesday at 3:30 to 5 p.m. The book for June is a moving memoir about autism written by both father and daughter entitled Carly’s Voice. Arthur and Carly Fleischmann’s story is both inspirational and informative. If you are considering joining a book club, now is the time to do it and this book, with its varied discussion points, is a fine example of why book groups are so important.

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