Republican Alex Mooney moved across the Maryland border into Falling Waters earlier this year. Now the 41-year-old hopes to fill Shelley Moore Capito’s seat in Congress.

Republican Alex Mooney moved across
the Maryland border into Falling Waters
earlier this year. Now the 41-year-old
hopes to fill Shelley Moore Capito’s seat in

NAY to the decision of onetime Maryland Congressional hopeful Alex Mooney to announce he’ll file for U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito’s soon-to-be vacated House seat.

After opting out on the opportunity to run for the newly redrawn, Democrat-friendly seat long occupied by Republican Roscoe Bartlett in 2011, Mooney announced Monday seek this state’s Second District seat, which is rated “Republican favored” by the Rothernberg Political Report.

Mooney resigned his job as Maryland GOP chairman in February and has been living in the Mountain State since sometime after that.

“People want a fighter for their conservative values and that is exactly who I am,” Mooney said in a press release.

People – West Virginians in particular – might also want to know that Mooney has more than a passing familiarity with issues particular to West Virginians, issues that transcend the Red State/Blue State barrier.

What West Virginia doesn’t need is a lawmaker only willing to add more gas to the fire in Washington, D.C., and Mooney’s opening salvo suggests he’d do exactly that.


PRAISE for Lexi Openshaw, a Jefferson High student working to bring attention to school bullying.

Next week, the 15-year-old is holding another community walk aimed at supporting those who have been bullied and urging an end to the kind of hurtful words and actions that keep students from achieving all they can – and sometimes, tragically, end in violence or suicide.

Those taking part are asked to dress in purple.

The walk will begin at 7 p.m. June 14 at St. Agnes Catholic Church on Duke Street in Shepherdstown.

Says Openshaw: “Now I want to help others. The first step to ending it is to stand united against all forms of bullying.”

The school year may be ending, but this issue merits your attention.

For more on this young leader’s mission, call 240-285-5170 or email lnoxo98&

PRAISE for the end of the sad Bobby Shirley-Mark Daniel Haines saga.

Whether or not you applaud the news that convicted bank robber Haines has settled a civil suit for $90,000, the fact that this unfortunate situation is now behind us is certainly worth celebrating.

But there are no winners here. Haines will remain in federal custody for years to come.

Shirley, who was the popular, well-liked sheriff of Jefferson County at the time he was accused of beating then-suspected bank robber Haines, is just beginning his year in federal prison.

The criminal charges against Shirley, his decision to run for re-election – and win – and then his resignation in January all put the county through the wringer.

We sigh in relief that we no longer have a civil trial looming.


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