Potomac Edison probe underway

CHARLES TOWN – The Public Service Commission has launched its formal investigation into the billing practices of FirstEnergy subsidiaries Potomac Edison and Monongahela Power following its receipt of over 750 individual complaints.

[cleeng_content id="275393259" description="Read it now!" price="0.49" t="article"]The PSC entered an order formally beginning the investigation process on Friday. This order requires FirstEnergy to provide answers to 12 questions dealing with meter reading, bill estimation and the consequences of the 2010 purchase of Potomac Edison and Mon Power.

The Commission has asked the power companies to describe the data and methods they use to calculate an estimated bill, the proportion of their customers who received more than the mandated six estimated bills per year, the impact of severe storms on meter reading and meter reader staffing levels.

The Consumer Advocate Division filed its motion to intervene in the case on behalf of customers Monday. The Jefferson County NAACP and the Coalition for Reliable Power, who convened two widely-attended public meetings protesting recurring billing issues last month, filed a petition with over 250 signatures of Potomac Edison customers requesting a general investigation.

Delegate Larry Kump, a Berkeley County Republican, also filed a letter requesting that the PSC force the FirstEnergy subsidiaries to provide easier mechanisms for self-reporting meter readings, including live customer assistance, along with discounts or other incentives for self-reporting.[/cleeng_content]

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One Response to Potomac Edison probe underway

  1. It’s not the meter reading as much as it’s the unfair billing rates!
    People are being charged different rates! Please people, read up on this and educate yourselves! It’s ridiculous! So…why isn’t THIS looked into!

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