Jefferson Park begins 2013 swim season

The Jefferson swim team opened the season with a win over Chambersburg, Pa., in a meet at the Chambersburg YMCA pool. Leading Jefferson Park were Shannon Wiercioch, Kyle Stuart, Nick Mazaleski, Lucas Costello, Megan Ferrer, Sophie Beddingfield, Spencer Powell, Benjamin Hanson, Cayenne Matlock, Sydney Cain and Genna Costello.

The swim team will host Hanover, Pa., at 6 p.m. Thursday at the park pool. Admission is free.

The youth tennis league opened the season on June 17 with 176 players between the ages of 3 and 18.

Big League standings are: Blue Jays, 2-0; Tigers, 2-0; Lions, 0-2; and Bears, 0-2. Little League standings are: Cubs, 2-0; Hawks, 1-1; Owls, 1-1; and Vikings, 0-2. Results were: June 17 — Blue Jays 8, Bears, 1; Tigers 5, Lions, 4. June 19 — Tigers 8, Bears 1; Blue Jays 5, Lions 4. June 20 — Owls 9, Vikings 3; Cubs 7, Hawks 6. June 21 — Cubs 7, Vikings 6; Hawks 7, Owls 5.

League players of the week were: Thomas Wogan, Anna Walter, Lloyd Tracy, Agnese McAllister, Dori Sanders, MacKenzie Littleton, Kylie Kershner and Kaleb Lochnor.


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