Jefferson Memorial Park activities

The City of Charles Town held a children’s tennis camp on June 10 to 15 with 175 boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 18 participating.

Age group forehand champions were Heidi Ebeling, Parker Belsterling, Gaby Smith, Aiden Walter, Emerson Tracy, Ezra Harner, Grace Lochnor, Reid Patterson, Madison Vickers, Wade McAllister, Kennedy Petrie, Conor Wogan, Agnese McAllister and Noah Eckel.

Age group serving champions were Caroline Taylor, Kellin Little, Ava Underwood, Chet Gore, Ava Wilson, Jack Schottler, Lauren Schwartz, Blake Grey, Sandra Smith, Cole Gore, Olivia Smith, Odin Smith, Melody Chopin and Jordon Dixon. Players may still join the children’s tennis league by contacting Glenn Edwards at 304-725-7929.

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