Mail delays of Spirit reported; show us your 150th snapshots

In recent weeks, we’ve had a number of readers call the Spirit of Jefferson office to let us know their weekly editions weren’t arriving on time – and sometimes not arriving at all. Needless to say, that is not news we want to hear.

Each year, the Spirit spends thousands of dollars with the U.S. Postal Service, trusting mail carriers to put each edition of our paper into the hands of our subscribers.

It’s a system that’s worked well for years, but in recent weeks a number of Spirit readers have let us know their newspaper isn’t arriving on Thursday as it has in the past. Instead, it’s the weekend or later before the paper gets to them. Some readers tell us weeks have gone by without any paper having arrived.

Many trace the delays to a recent change made by the cash-strapped Postal Service. Continuing a trend of consolidation that hit Frederick, Md., and Winchester, Va., last year, the task of sorting the Eastern Panhandle’s mail has been moved from the post office at the Martinsburg Mall to Baltimore.

Postal Service spokespeople say problems with speedy delivery are a byproduct of a big change and that the headaches will disappear after an initial transition period.

We hope so.

As we wait for the USPS to make the adjustment, we ask readers to let us know about problems they experience – either by calling our office manager Cara Young at 304-725-2046, ext. 21 or at officemanager@spiritofjefferson.com. And by all means, let us know, if a problem has been corrected.

Another option: Subscribers dealing with a delayed delivery always are welcome to stop by the Spirit office at 114 N. Charles St. during regular business hours to pick up the paper they’re missing.

On a happier note, we’re excited to mark West Virginia’s big 150th birthday on Thursday.

You’ll see inside today’s paper several special features tied to the state’s sesquicentennial. We hope you’ll enjoy them and feel inspired to help us with a feature we have planned for next week’s paper. We’re inviting each of our readers to take a snapshot on Thursday that shows how they’re spending West Virginia’s birthday.

We’re hoping readers take time to get out their cameras or cell phone and capture the day. By lending a hand, readers can ensure our June 26 edition reflects just what unfolded here as the Mountain State turned 150.

You can drop off a hard copy of your photos or send them ASAP along with any details you’d like to share to me at editor@spiritofjefferson.com. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

– Robert Snyder

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