Patriots sweep competition

With Jill Spuria and Mackenzie Littleton winning their singles matches, Washington was able to add three more points with doubles wins from Spuria/Amber Barr, Littleton/Dori Sanders and Jessica Barr/Molly Banfield to defeat Hedgesville, 5-2, in a girls tennis match played during the school’s spring break.

Anna Gilpin and Alexa Cincinnati won singles matches for the Lady Eagles.

In matches against Region II competition, the Patriots showed why they are the team to beat when next month’s Regional takes place by stopping Lewis County, 7-0; beating Elkins, 7-0; and defeating Buckhannon, 7-0.

Against Elkins and Buckhannon, the Washington singles winners were Spuria, Littleton, Amber Barr and Dori Sanders. The doubles victors in those two matches were Spuria/Barr, Littleton/Sanders and Jessica Barr/Banfield.

The same group of singles players and doubles players were responsible for the shutout of Lewis County.

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