NRA, Stop the lies, stick with the facts

On the Senate floor last week, I quoted John Adams’ famous remark that “facts are stubborn things.” It was my way of warning the groups who were spreading misinformation about my background check legislation that facts, not lies, ultimately prevail.
Unfortunately, my commonsense bill had a setback last week. The legislation got bipartisan support from a majority of senators, but it fell short of the 60 votes it needed to pass in the Senate. The vote left a lot of people who supported our bill disappointed.
I’m disappointed, but I’m also determined — because everybody who knows me knows that, like the facts John Adams spoke about, I’m pretty doggone stubborn myself when the facts – and the truth – are on my side.
I am determined to do all I can to protect American citizens, especially our children, from the kind of senseless violence we have seen committed by criminals and the violently mentally insane.
I will not back down until we’ve won this fight — not just to protect the public safety but also to protect the Second Amendment, which is what my bill does.
Most American gun owners are responsible and law-abiding. They use their guns for hunting, shooting and self-defense. The Second Amendment guarantees them the right to do so, and I will never do anything to infringe on that fundamental right.
In fact, the background check legislation I introduced in the Senate with Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania not only protects the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans – it actually strengthens them.
It does so by applying the existing rules for criminal and mental background checks at gun shops to gun shows and Internet sales to make it harder for criminals and the dangerously ill to get their hands on guns. It is just common sense to have one rule for everybody.
The gun lobby said our legislation would lead to a national registry of gun owners and make it a crime for relatives, friends or neighbors to sell, give or loan guns to each other.
Those claims are simply not true.
It’s already against the law to create a national registry of gun owners. But the Manchin-Toomey bill would take this protection of Second Amendment rights a giant step forward; it would explicitly prohibit the federal government from creating a registry and would make it a felony to do so, punishable by up to 15 years in prison.
Our bill also preserves important background check exemptions that exist in current law, like temporary transfers. That way, for example, you could loan your hunting rifle to your buddy without any new restrictions or requirements.
Our bill also makes it clear that transfers between family, friends and neighbors will not require background checks. That’s the law now, and there’s no reason to change it.
Our legislation also creates a fair appeals process for veterans who may have been wrongly categorized as unfit to own or purchase firearms.
If you are a law-abiding gun owner, you should like our bill.
If you are a believer in the Second Amendment right of Americans to keep and bear arms, you should like our bill.
If you want to treat veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve, you should like our bill.
If you are looking for ways to keep our citizens safe from mass violence, especially our precious children, you should like our bill.
But if you are a criminal, a drug dealer, a terrorist, or if a court has declared that you are a threat to yourself or others, you probably won’t like my bill because I’m making it harder for dangerous people to get guns.
And those are the cold, hard, stubborn facts.

— Joe Manchin is a U.S. senator

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4 Responses to NRA, Stop the lies, stick with the facts

  1. Yes, facts are stubborn things and that is why your gun bill lost. And any subsequent attempts to undermine our Constitution will lose as well. The beast is waking up.

  2. Sir, and I use that term loosely, You are a traitor to this Great Nation and the Constitution.

  3. I’m sorry Sen. Manchin, but I’ve heard many more lies being told by the administration.
    How about “90%”?!
    Obama answers HIS OWN QUESTION!!!
    WHEN, tell me, WHEN has 90% of America EVER agreed on ANYTHING?!!!!
    ESPECIALLY, when post voting polls paint so much of a different picture!
    Gallup claims that only 4% of Americans think Gun control is a serious issue right now.
    USA Today shows only 49% support gun control
    and a Washington Post poll showed that only 47% of Americans are “outraged” at the failure of gun control
    These are not NRA polls, Breitbart polls or polls conducted by the Tea Party.
    These are liberal outlets.
    Besides, even Arthur Brisbane of the Huffington Post admits liberal media bias.So exactly WHO is manufacturing and twisting facts more to get their message to listeners? The 24/7/365 saturation the media utilizes or the NRA?!
    So pardon my speech, but get off it!
    The NRA is not the only one who supposedly lied to America.
    You might want to turn that attention back on your own party before throwing stones in your glass house!

    • I think that what you are missing is that only 4 percent of those polled thought gun control was the MOST IMPORTANT issue facing the country. This has never been argued about by anybody as it is obvious that the economy, health care, and education would be higher ranking issues for most respondents. If you google “gun control gallup poll” and go to the actual gallup site…. it will explain that in detail and show that 91 percent of those polled support extending the background checks to the internet and gun shows. So, respectfully, please check these available facts at your earliest convenience.

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