Next weekend’s event to showcase eight sites

CHARLES TOWN – Eight history-rich destinations, half in Jefferson County and half in Berkeley, compose the lineup for next weekend’s 58th annual House and Garden Tour.

A look at the tour’s stops in Jefferson:

Among the Berkeley County homes on next weekend’s tour is the H.C. Berry House at 600 S. Queen St. in Martinsburg. Its demi-octagonal bay windows and a tower room make it stand out

Among the Berkeley County homes on next weekend’s tour is the H.C. Berry House at 600 S. Queen St. in Martinsburg. Its demi-octagonal bay windows
and a tower room make it stand out.


  • Cedar Lawn
    Located at 1303 Earle Road in Charles Town, the Greek Revival brick structure first occupied by John T.A. Washington is just a stone’s throw from Harewood, home of Samuel Washington.
    He was the first president’s oldest full brother and the paternal grandfather of John.
    From Cedar Lawn’s grounds, visitors can take in views of bucolic horse pastures and old-growth trees.
  • Armory House
    Credit the federal government for creating this two-story house at 691 Washington St. in Harpers Ferry. Built in 1837 for the town’s armory manager and his family, the house moved into private hands following the Civil War.
    Visitors will take enjoy seeing antiques on display throughout the home’s interior as well as two fixtures of note in the home’s basement: a cooking fireplace and also a hand-operated water pump – making it one of the first homes in the area with any manner of indoor plumbing.
  • Reynolds House
    Built around 1869 by Dr. John Reynolds and his wife Katherine, the red-brick three-story house at 207 E. German St. in Shepherdstown includes the original heart of pine floors, staircase handrail and many door and window moldings.
    Other highlights: a garden with a canopy of plum trees and a back porch with a mahogany floor.
  • Bloomery Plantation Distillery
    Bloomery Plantation Distillery, where limoncello and live music draw visitors each weekend, also makes a perfect stop for those hungry for local history. Situated at 16357 Charles Town Road just two-tenths of a mile from the Shenandoah River, Bloomery includes additions made in 1870 from boards salvaged from original C&O Canal boats.
  • Fancy Hill, the Kearfott-Bane House
    Over in Berkeley County, the tour’s stops include Fancy Hill, also known as the Kearfott-Bane House.
    The 1901 hilltop home at 1473 Needy Road – listed on the National Register of Historic Places – boasts spindles, sloping roofs, fanciful porches and other Queen Ann trademarks.
    The park-like setting includes stocked ponds, a stream with a bridge and a bank barn laid on a stone foundation.
    Longtime Berkeley surveyor John P. Kearfott owned the first home constructed on the property, a structure built in 1847.
  • The Tannery House
    The Tannery House located at 216 Water St. in Martinsburg is believed to be among the oldest frame homes in the county.
    The structure, built by Archibald Porterfield around 1813, has been extensively renovated since a new owner purchased it in 2006. Among its distinctions: a hand-cut stone fireplace in the living room that’s original to the home.
  • The H.C. Berry House
    The H.C. Berry House at 600 S. Queen St. in Martinsburg started life as a frame home but was outfitted with a brick veneer sometime before 1902.
    Built by a prominent businessman for his bride, the house stands out with its demi-octagonal bay windows and a tower room. Its current owners also have on display photographs and items related to the Berrys.
  • The Donmary House
    The Donmary House at 2487 Delmar Orchard Road in Martinsburg is the tour’s newcomer on the block.
    Custom-built in 1997 with antique-rose bricks, the house sits on a hilltop and features gardens and a koi pond.


– Christine Miller Ford


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