Where was Spirit on gun resolution?

On April 4 the Jefferson County Commission debated the adoption of a resolution presented by the Shepherdstown Quakers. The resolution would have “The elected government of Jefferson County … strongly (urge) our Governor, State Legislators, the President of the United States and Congress to pursue all necessary and reasonable restrictions on sales of firearms …”

The JCC failed to adopt the resolution by a vote of 3 to 2.

Not only did the Shepherdstown Quakers — who were the proponents of the resolution — fail to show up at the JCC meeting, but not one person in attendance spoke in favor of adopting the resolution. On the other hand, 11 citizens passionately addressed the JCC in opposition to their adopting the resolution and that is news.

Nowhere in the April 10 edition of the Spirit was there an article or mention of this except in Elliot Simon’s column. Clearly, from what I observed at the JCC meeting, the spirit (small “s”) of Jefferson is opposed to anything that would further dilute our Second Amendment rights. I don’t know why the Spirit of Jefferson chose not to report this.


Peter Onoszko

Charles Town

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