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“Education presents the classical example of a divergent problem, and so of course does politics, where the most frequently encountered pair of opposites is “freedom” and “equality,” which in fact means freedom versus equality. For if natural forces are left free, i.e. themselves, the strong will prosper and the weak will suffer, and there will be no trace of equality. The enforcement of equality, on the other hand, requires the curtailment of freedom — unless something intervenes from a higher level.

I do not know who coined the slogan of the French Revolution; he must have been a person of rare insight. To the pair of opposites, Liberté and Egalité, irreconcilable in ordinary logic, he added a third factor or force — Fraternité, brotherliness — which comes from a higher level. How do we recognize this fact? Liberty or equality can be instituted by legislative action backed by force, but brotherliness is a human quality beyond the reach of institutions, beyond the level of manipulation. It can be achieved only by individual persons mobilizing their own higher forces and faculties, in short, becoming better people.”

— E.F. Schumacher,

A Guide for the Perplexed, 1977

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