W.Va. Senate bars minors from tanning beds

CHARLESTON (AP) — The West Virginia Senate passed a bill that would prohibit anyone under age 18 from going to tanning salons.

The bill passed Monday also requires anyone who goes to a tanning salon to sign a consent form warning them that using tanning beds can cause cancer and other health risks.

Penalties for violations range from $500 for a first offense to as much as $5,000, a year in jail and loss of business license for a third offense.

Tanning salons would be required to register with local boards of health and would be subject to annual safety and sanitation inspections.

The bill passed 26-8, with five Republicans and three Democrats voting against it.

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One Response to W.Va. Senate bars minors from tanning beds

  1. This should be up to a parent to decide. This law may sound like a good idea at first, but when you consider what the result will be, it is going to be counterproductive. Teens will now seek out unregulated home units, where they can tan as often and as long as they want, or they will tan more aggressively outdoors, risking burns in both scenarios. Professional salons limit how often and how long a person tans based on their skin type. This reduces the risk of burning. Moderate, responsible tanning and sunburn prevention are the top priority at a professional salon. My son goes to a salon to treat severe acne at a fraction of the cost of a dermatologist. It should be our choice to continue that treatment. I know a few people that own their own sunbeds and I would rather have my kids tan in a professional salon.

    Still not convinced? Think about where this could lead, growing up I got the worst burns of my life at the neighborhood pool and local amusement parks. Think about it, I am certain there is a much higher percentage of teens burned doing outdoor activities, should we legislate those things now too?

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